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Airplane Technical Data
Stock #NameCG* Elevator Throw:Aileron Throw:Rudder Throw:Flaps:Incidences:Engine Thrust:
High RateLow RateHigh RateLow RateHigh RateLow Rate1/2FullWingStabRightDown
FLZA2100Inum1-3/8" [35mm]    3/16" [5mm]       
FLZA2112Inum Elite2" [51mm]15/32" [12mm]   45/64" [18mm]   +5.502.25R-5
FLZA3000/3002/3004/3006Calypso1/4" [6mm]3/4" [19mm]1/2" [13mm]5/8" [16mm]3/8" [10mm]1" [25mm]3/4" [19mm]1/2" [13mm]7/8" [22mm]+1006
FLZA3024Extra 300SX2-7/8" [73mm]5/8" [16mm]3/8" [10mm]3/8" [10mm]1/4" [6mm]1-3/4" [44mm]1-1/4" [32mm]  002R0
FLZA3130Sensei FSsee instruction manual1/2" [13mm] 1/2" [13mm] 5/8" [16mm]       
FLZA4100/4002/4002Cessna 182 Skylane1-7/8" [48mm]11/16" [17mm] 5/16" [8mm] 13/16" [20.6mm]  3/8" [9.5mm]302.750
FLZA4010/4012/4014Super Cub2-1/4" [57mm]5/8" [16mm]3/8" [10mm]1/2" [13mm] 1-1/4" [32mm]   2.501R6
FLZA4120/4022DHC2 Beaver2-1/4" [57mm]7/16" [11mm]5/16" [8mm]1/2" [13mm]3/8" [10mm]1-1/4" [32mm]7/8" [22mm]  2022
FLZA4024DHC2 Beaver Island Wings2-1/4" [57mm]7/16" [11mm]5/16" [8mm]1/2" [13mm]3/8" [10mm]1-1/4" [32mm]7/8" [22mm]  2022
FLZA4130/4032F4U Corsair2-7/8" [73mm]7/16" [11mm]5/16" [8mm]7/8" [22mm]11/16" [17mm]1-1/4" [32mm]13/16" [20.6mm]  +102.5R-2.5
FLZA4054Seawind2-1/4" [57mm]1/2" [13mm]3/8" [10mm]15/16" [24mm]5/8" [16mm]1-1/2" [38mm]7/8" [22mm]3/8" [9.5mm]11/16" [17mm]+300+6
FLZA4320/4322/4324A6M2 Zero2-3/4" [70mm]1/2" [13mm]3/8" [10mm]3/8" [10mm]1/4" [6mm]3/4" [19mm]1/2" [13mm]7/16" [11mm]7/8" [22mm]203R2
FLZA4310/4312/44314Focke Wulf FW-1903" [76m]7/16" [11mm]5/16" [8mm]1/2" [13mm]3/8" [10mm]1" [25mm]3/4" [19mm] 3/4" [19mm]+202R0
Note: Measurements are in inches. Control throws are each way unless noted otherwise. Ex: elev 5/8 means 5/8 up and 5/8 down.
* CG is measured back from LE at fuselage unless labelled otherwise

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