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Mini Switch Tx-R - FLZA3322 Parts
Tech Notes

Tech Notes

Flyzone Tx-R Prime Mini Switch Airplane with motor, radio, ESC, components for both high and low-wing configurations, propeller and instruction manual

4-channel SLT transmitter, 1300 mAh 11.1V LiPo battery and compatible charger.

Wingspan: low 31 in (785 mm), high 34 in (865 mm)
Wing Area: low 169 in² (10.9 dm²), high 195 in² (12.6 dm²)
Wing Loading: 15.1-18.1 oz/ft² (46-48 g/dm²)
Length: 32.5 in (825 mm)
Weight: 20.4-21.2 oz (580-600 g)

PDF Tech Notice 1
PDF Tech Notice 2


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