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Extra 300 SX  

For nearly 30 years the full-scale Extra 300 has been mesmerizing audiences at air shows around the world. Flyzone's first truly 3D-capable model pays homage to this legendary performer, combining a powerful brushless motor and ESC with an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. The result? An airplane that excels at everything from solid sport flying and precision aerobatics to impressive vertical performance and heart-pumping high alpha maneuvers. If you're an experienced pilot ready to expand your flight envelope, the Extra 300 SX Rx-R is the plane to take you there!

• Durable AeroCell™ foam airframe
• Factory-installed motor, ESC and servos
• Double-beveled control surfaces
• Magnetic cowl, canopy and wheel fairings
• Removable wing
• Steerable tail wheel
• Preinstalled electronics

Motor Installation
Control Surfaces
Magnetic Hatch
The 30-35-1000kV brushless motor provides plenty of power for executing extreme 3D maneuvers.   Large control surfaces are double-beveled, which greatly enhances the plane's aerobatic and 3D capabilities.   The hatch is held securely in place with magnets, which allow for quick LiPo replacement and access to the plane's on-board gear.

Landing Gear
Extra 300 SX 3-View

Crash-tough and feather-light, advanced AeroCell foam is durable enough to stand up to everyday abuse!
The landing gear fairings and wheel pants are magnetically attached and will "pop" off during rough landings to avoid damage.   From any angle, the Extra 300 SX 3D is one impressive-looking aerobat.  

Extra 300 SX Rx-R width=

The Rx-R offers more radio equipment options!

Do you already have a favorite radio that you like flying with? Use it to pilot the Receiver-Ready Extra 300 SX 3D! The Rx-R assembles easily, while offering you the flexibility to install your choice of receiver and battery. All onboard gear is already in place, so you’ll be in the air that much quicker!


41.5 in (1055 mm)
Wing Area: 297 in² (19.2 dm²)
Weight: 28-31 oz (795-880 g)
Wing Loading: 13.6-15.0 oz/ft² (42-46 g/dm²)
Length: 34.5 in (875 mm)
Requires: 4+ channel radio and receiver, 3S 11.1V 1800-2200mAh 30C LiPo battery and balancing LiPo charger

Recommended Products:
TACJ2650 Tactic® TTX650 6-channel SLT Computer Transmitter
— and —
TACL0625 Tactic TR625 6-Channel SLT Dual Antenna Receiver
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FUTK6100 Futaba® 6K Radio System

ONXP2260 Onyx LiPo 2S 7.4V 2200mAh 30C Star Plug
GPMR3155 Great Planes® ElectriFly® TritonEQ Balancing LiPo Battery Charger
GPMP0751 Great Planes ElectriFly SafeCharge LiPo Charging Bag

See your hobby shop for additional recommendations.

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