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Flyzone  B-25 Mitchell - Cruise on air.  

Available in this version:
Tx-R (Transmitter Ready)

FLZA2402 — Tx-R

In the Pacific, the B-25 Mitchell was America's response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were the first American bombers to strike mainland Japan and they hit troops, ships, supply routes, and depots all over the world. In our model, twin counter-rotating props and twin rudders deliver stable flights with good control authority and a steerable nose wheel makes ground control a breeze. With both RTF and Tx-R versions available, you can be piloting a sleek, scale replica of "Heavenly Body" within moments of charging the battery.

Scale counter-rotating 3-blade props
Steerable nose wheel
Extensive use of clear plastic
Scale counter-rotating 3-blade props eliminate torque for easier flights.   A steerable nose wheel delivers smooth, effortless ground handling.   Extensive use of clear plastic for the cockpit glass and gun turrets enables maximum realism and detail for a model of this size.

Supreme control authority in the air
    Supreme control authority in the air and improved scale looks on the ground with working twin rudders, just like the original.    

Flyzone  B-25 Mitchell Tx-R

More ease. More choices. More fun.

The B-25 Mitchell Tx-R includes:

  • Impressive micro scale looks

  • Modeled after "Heavenly Body"

  • Smooth, stable flight characteristics

  • B-25 Mitchell

  • 1S LiPo flight battery

  • LiPo charger

  • 5 AA batteries


FLZA2402 — Tx-R
21.7 in (552 mm)
Wing Area: 63.6 in² (4.1 dm²)
Wing Loading: 6.1-6.6 oz/ft² (19-20 g/dm²)

Length: 17.2in (437mm)
RTF Weight: 2.7-2.9 oz (77-82 g)
Requires: 4-channel SLT-compatible transmitter

Recommended Completion Items:
ONXP1640 Onyx LiPo 1S 3.7V 250mAh 25C Ultra Micro 15134 Plug
TACJ2660 Tactic TTX660 6-Channel SLT Computer Radio

Ask your hobby shop for additional recommendations.

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