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Nieuport 17 - Fly for the Allies!  

With the compact Nieuport 17, you can be airborne within minutes of opening the box and fly in almost any small, open area. It arrives with a replica engine and onboard gear already installed — and a 2.4GHz radio that includes a built-in charger for the included LiPo flight pack. Enjoy assembly ease and the look of eagles with the Nieuport 17.

Nieuport 17 - recharging port
Nieuport 17 - flying shot
When your flight pack needs recharging, you don’t even need to leave the flight line. Just plug it into the charge port on the Tactic TTX402 for a few minutes.   The Neiuport 17 is ready to fly as soon as you open the box. Charge the flight battery, and you’re ready for flights of up to 10 minutes!

Flyzone Neiuport 17 RTF

SelectScale RTF
All-in-one convenience!

Tactic™ TTX402


The included Tactic TTX402 4-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio features:

  • Dependable 2.4GHz technology

  • Digital trims

  • Built-in battery charger

  • An ergonomic case for handling comfort and fatigue-free flying

  • An SLT receiver that automatically creates an unbreakable link with your transmitter



Other RTF Features :

  • Assembled, factory-finished airframe with pilot*, machine gun and replica engine

  • Factory-installed motor, ESC & servos

  • Factory-installed SLT receiver compatible with Tactic AnyLink2

  • Rechargeable 3.7V 140mAh LiPo flight battery

  • (5) "AA" batteries

FLZA2040 - Neiuport 17 RTF
Top Wingspan:
15.3 in (389 mm)
12.5 in (318 mm)
1.16 oz (33 g)

* Pilot requires painting and installation.

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